What Does it Mean to Be a Good Dad?

If you sit there and ask yourself right now, “am I a good dad?” What would you say? 

Would you say most of the time? Would you say maybe? Or would you be unsure? 

There are no right or wrong answers to this question, and everyone will have a different opinion on what it means to be a good dad, but there are some concrete ways to tell if you’re on the right track. 

As you read the following criteria of a “good dad,” be sure to take a look at yourself and be honest. It’s never too late to improve and the fact that you’re here reading this right now, tells me that you are a good dad. 

A good dad is a role model for his children. They treat their mother with respect, and they treat people with kindness and respect. This factor does not depend on how hard they work, how much money they make, or what kind of mood their in that day. The best dads lead by example, whether it’s the president or the person behind the counter at the grocery store. 

A good dad is a firm but fair disciplinarian. They are always there to correct their children when they’ve done something wrong, and they guide the child back on track. Good dads don’t hurt a child’s feelings, but they apologize if their temper got the best of them. The best dads explain the reason for everything and help their kids understand why dad is upset. 

A good dad is consistent. I didn’t grow up in the best household, but my dad always made me realize one thing. It’s that he was always there. Baseball games, football games, practices, karate, birthday parties, it didn’t matter; he was there. A great dad is never too tired to take his kids where they want to go. A great dad is the one standing out in the rain when everyone else went home. 

A good dad is a true gentleman. They show their kids what it means to be a good person. They teach their kids to hold doors open, to help the elderly if they are struggling, and to give the shirt off their back to someone in need. A good dad donates money at the door, he keeps his word, and his morals are the backbone of his family. 

A good dad works on himself. Sometimes you as a father need to realize that helping yourself is what’s best for your family. It means going into rehab to overcome that addiction. It means seeking counseling to fix a broken marriage. Working on yourself doesn’t have to be something negative. It may even mean going and furthering your education to show your kids what hard work can do. 

Finally, a good dad loves, even when he doesn’t feel like it. Let’s face it, as fathers, we may not always feel that we get the credit we deserve; but we have to love, protect, nurture, and provide anyway. 

As you read through the sections above, do any of those things sound like you?

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