How Much Does Having a Baby Cost?

Of all the common concerns that men experience when they’re about to become fathers, a fear of the expenses associated with having a baby is usually at the top of the list. 

There’s no question about it. Having a baby is expensive. In fact, the average birth — assuming there aren’t any complications during the delivery — costs $10,808. That doesn’t include all the costs that arise after the baby’s born or the costs associated with getting ready for the baby, either. 

If you’ve been wondering what kind of expenses you’re going to have to cover when your child enters the world, keep reading. Below is a breakdown to help you understand how much having a baby costs (and why it’s so expensive).

Prenatal Care 

Even before your child is born, they start racking up the bills. While your partner is pregnant with your child, you’ll have to cover a lot of expenses, including doctor’s visits and birthing classes. 

Your insurance provider may help to offset some of these costs. Depending on your state and the type of coverage you have, though, you might find yourself paying a lot out of pocket to meet your deductible before insurance kicks in.

Birth Expenses

Next, there’s the cost of the birth itself. For a healthy vaginal delivery with no complications, you’re looking at a hospital bill of nearly $11,000.

If your partner ends up needing a C-section or experiences other complications, that could easily add several thousand additional dollars to your final bill.

Paternity Leave

You’ll likely want to spend some time with your baby right after they’re born. In order to do this, though, you may have to use up some of your sick days or vacation days. Depending on your job and the policies in place, this could cost you a few days’ of your salary.

The good news is that more and more employers are starting to offer paternity leave plans as part of their benefits package. Check with your employer to see if they offer such an option and find out how long you’ll be able to take off.


There’s also a lot of gear that you have to buy when you bring a new baby into the world. 

From clothes and transportation devices to furniture and toys, parents spend, on average, about $1,000 upfront. There are also recurring costs for things like diapers, formula, and clothing. These usually add up to a couple of hundred dollars per month.

Start Planning for Your Baby Today

The purpose of this breakdown is not to deter you from having kids. Not at all. The goal is to help you be more aware of what you can expect to pay when you become a father.

Now that you have a more clear idea of how much having a baby costs, you can start planning ahead and making sure you have enough saved. Keep this information in mind as you begin the planning process to ensure all your boxes are checked!